Wagyu beef, a true Japanese delicacy

Our third gastronomic trip around the world takes us from Mexico to Japan, where one of the most expensive meats in the world comes from: wagyu beef. This meat, which belongs to an exclusively Japanese breed of oxen, has become in just a couple of years a very popular product in culinary circles due to its exquisiteness and presence.

A delicate meat, with a soft and creamy texture.

Wagyu beef has an extremely delicate flavor, a smooth and creamy texture, and melts in the mouth at only 24 degrees of temperature. This type of meat has a high level of fat, to the point that when you cook it, it releases the necessary juiciness. In addition, it is a type of fat very rich in oleic acid (prevents cardiovascular diseases), which increases the flavor intensity of the meat and makes it very healthy.

Of the four Wagyu breeds, the most common in Japan is Japanese Black or Kuroge Washu. This lineage provides a meat with a spectacular appearance and presence, and which, aesthetically, is somewhat reminiscent of Iberian ham. This breed is also the most frequent in European imports.

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Although, in Spain, there are not many kitchens where this select meat is cooked. In fact, it was not until June 2014, when it began to be imported from Japan.

Currently, the quality of wagyu beef is highly guaranteed, and the labels on each piece confirm this. The traceability code specifies all part control and evaluation processes. These labels indicate the origin of the animal, its date of birth, its diet and when it was slaughtered, among other aspects.

Popularly, one of the aspects for which wagyu beef is best known is its price. The cost of an authentic Japanese wagyu beef is very high, depending on the cut, it can be between 100 and 300 euros per kilo. The most common cuts are high loin, low loin, sirloin, hip, and needle.

Sukiyaki, Japanese delicacy with wagyu beef

InJapan, there are many dishes where wagyu beef is used as the main ingredient. One of the most popular is Sukiyaki. This preparation is made by cutting the meat into very thin slices and adding a mixture of sake, soy sauce and sugar, and then simmering it in a pan with vegetables.

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Another type of typical Japanese preparation is Shabu shabu. Before eating the thin slices of wagyu beef, they can be dipped for a few seconds in a boiling vegetable broth and then dipped in a ponzu sauce, made with soybeans and citrus vinegar. However, without a doubt, the star dish to savor wagyu beef is Teppanyaki, a well-known Japanese grilling technique that leaves the meat cooked on the outside and almost raw on the inside.

From Viñals1906, we encourage you to discover the Japanese gastronomic culture and its exquisite meats. In addition, our master butchers will offer you many tips and thousands of recipes. Dare to try these Asian flavors and rediscover the Orient through your palate.

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