Dry maturation is a process of resting beef that allows us to enhance all its flavor, tenderness and juiciness.


Dry aged maturation is a process of resting the meat in a dry, temperature and humidity controlled environment,
for a specified period of time, which can range from several weeks to several months.

With this process we obtain a softening of the meat, which makes it much more tender. There is also a concentration of flavors.

At Viñals 1906 we select female calves or cows for their fat content. We only choose the best cuts of loin to mature, as not all of them are suitable because they need a good covering.


21/30/45/60 days. Our meats are matured for a minimum of 21 days. During this time, the maturation process produces the vaporization of the moisture in the muscle, which allows the concentration of the flavor.

Changes in the texture and juiciness of the piece are also noticeable.


At 2ºC we achieve an optimal enzymatic process, thanks to the control and stability of the temperature. An inadequate temperature slows down or accelerates the process.


Keeping humidity controlled at 80% is key to controlling microbiological growth in the ripening process.
favoring or inhibiting the growth of certain species.


Ventilation and air circulation in the maturation chamber are essential to avoid the growth of certain microorganisms, as well as the elimination of bad odors that can alter the quality of the meat.

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