Churrasco of veal from La Cerdanya


Churrasco de veal from La Cerdanya is a juicy and flavorful piece of meat, very popular in the region’s cuisine. It is a portion of meat that includes bone, which gives it a special flavor and texture.

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It comes from the neck area of the animal, its meat is tender and juicy, and its flavor is intense and pleasant to the palate. This high quality meat is ideal for grilling, broiling or baking, and is perfect for sharing a meal with friends or family. In addition, the veal from La Cerdanya is fed naturally and carefully, which translates into healthier and better quality meat. Enjoy the authentic taste of La Cerdanya veal with high quality veal churrasco and turn your meal into a unique and delicious experience.


1 kg, 1,300 kg, 1,500 kg, 500 gr



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    Churrasco of veal from La Cerdanya
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