T-bone of veal from La Cerdanya


The T-bone of veal from La Cerdanya is a premium cut of meat that offers an exceptional gastronomic experience.

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La Cerdanya is a region in the Catalan Pyrenees known for its cool climate and natural environment, where calves are raised in a careful and sustainable way.

The T-bone is a cut of meat that includes two different cuts: the sirloin and the tenderloin. This combination of cuts gives the T-bone its unique flavor, with a tender and juicy texture. La Cerdanya veal is characterized by its mild and delicate flavor, which makes the T-bone even more exquisite.

This cut of meat is ideal for grilling or broiling, and can be customized with a variety of sauces and garnishes to create a unique meal. In summary, the T-bone of veal from La Cerdanya is a delicious option for those who are looking for a high quality meat with exceptional flavor. Whether for a special dinner or to enjoy a good cut of meat, this product is an excellent choice.


1 kg, 1,300 kg, 1,500 kg, 800 gr




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    T-bone of veal from La Cerdanya
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