Beef tenderloin from La Cerdanya


Beef tenderloin from La Cerdanya is a gastronomic jewel characterized by its quality, flavor and tenderness.

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From the region of La Cerdanya, known for the quality of its meat and its livestock tradition, this sirloin steak is made with 100% natural beef without additives or preservatives.

La Cerdanya veal is raised in the wild and fed naturally, which is reflected in the quality of its meat. La Cerdanya beef tenderloin is a lean and tender piece characterized by its intense flavor and soft texture.

Beef tenderloin from La Cerdanya is ideal to be grilled or broiled and served with simple side dishes such as french fries, salads or roasted vegetables. In addition, being a product of La Cerdanya, local and sustainable production is guaranteed, with animals raised in freedom and fed naturally.

Beef tenderloin from La Cerdanya is an ideal choice for those looking for a high quality meat, flavor and tenderness. Its careful preparation and the quality of the meat make it an exclusive and perfect product to surprise guests or for a special occasion. Taste the beef tenderloin from La Cerdanya and enjoy its authentic and unique flavor!


1 kg, 300 gr, 500 gr, 750 gr



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    Beef tenderloin from La Cerdanya
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