Chorizo criollo


Chorizo criollo is a traditional product of South American cuisine that has gained worldwide fame for its authentic and exquisite flavor. Made with high quality pork meat and a blend of carefully selected spices, this chorizo is characterized by its intense flavor and juicy texture.

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Chorizo criollo is prepared following the traditional techniques of South American cuisine, which is reflected in its authentic and unique flavor. It is ideal for grilling, roasting or grilling, and can be served with a wide variety of sauces and side dishes.

Chorizo criollo is made with pork meat carefully selected to guarantee its quality and flavor. In addition, high quality spices such as ground chili, oregano, paprika and garlic are used to achieve an authentic and exquisite flavor.

Chorizo criollo is an ideal choice for those looking for a unique and authentic culinary experience. Its authentic flavor and juicy texture make it an exclusive and perfect product to surprise guests or to enjoy at a special dinner. Taste the Chorizo Criollo and enjoy its unique flavor!


1 kg, 500 gr

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