Ral d'Avinyó

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    Pork chops Ral d’Avinyó

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    Ral d’Avinyó pork chops are a high quality premium product that you can find in our online butcher shop. These pork chops come from pigs raised in the Ral d’Avinyó region, famous for its privileged climate and fresh green pastures.

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    Ral d’Avinyó fresh bacon

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    Ral d’Avinyó’s fresh bacon is a high quality artisan product, made from select breed pork raised under optimal conditions. This bacon is characterized by its authentic flavor and its tender and juicy texture.

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    Pork ribs Ral d’Avinyó

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    The Ribs of Ral d’Avinyó are a high quality gourmet product, made with pork of selected breed and raised in optimal conditions. These ribs are characterized by their authentic flavor and tender, juicy texture.

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